my old steinway and the vibe of ojai have transported me to some vague distant past that never happened, with warren zevon, waddy wachtel , and some 70’s california rockers taking a last toot, draining the lime daquiris, throwing their hands up in the air, declaring connectedness-bankruptcy, untethering from the intarwabs, and going AFK until further notice. i did some investigation yesterday into the cost of satellite broadband in an area of costa rica i am thinking about spending some time in, and this song may turn out prophetic. ๐Ÿ˜‰ listen to it on headphones if at all possible, i put a little ear candy in there.

here is AFK. (thanks bret for the title).

as always, this file is subject to change, and is a mix in progress.

i threw my laptop
in a dumpster at SFO
zeroed out my PDA
left it on the floor of a bathroom stall

and i

made a few calls
from the boarding lounge
called up a couple of casual squeezes
told ’em i wouldn’t be around

got on a plane
dropped the phone in a seatback
nine hours i’ll be on a beach
and this whole thing will be gone and forgotten

i’m going offline
for an undetermined time
i’m going offline
take back my life

sleeping under the stars
with no electric light
rinsing off the salt
with a solar heated outdoor shower

made a lot of mistakes
along the way
this isn’t one of them
i think it’s getting safe to say

i’ll live in the sun
with a heart full of love
no empty distractions

my mind will be clear
my attention here
focussed on now






6 responses to “AFK”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    Does this mean the blog will be going offline? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. eric Avatar

    heh, doubtful ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Peter Finestone Avatar
    Peter Finestone

    E hearing this song brought back fond memories and reminded me why your such a gifted songwriter. The paradox of the net. Gives us unfettered access to songs like yours without label hack interloper but also can become a drug we cant turn off.

  4. Dee Avatar

    Sweet sound, great hook, and a message we can relate to on so many levels. Excellent!!

  5. Don Park Avatar

    The song is great, Eric. During the tone at the end, I had to insert “But, but, what about your portfolio?” ;-p

  6. b Avatar

    Look, its a nice sentiment, but before you go and drop your MacBook in a trash can, put a tie-wrap around it, take out a Sharpie, and address it (postage due) to the colusa house.

    By the way, since we never got a chance to wrap about CR, I just want to recommend Monte Verde if you ever want to cool off away from the beach. Also, the Samara beach area is small and laid back – off the beaten path. I think you’d like it as much as we did. If you ever get to Arenal, make sure you stick around until you get to see the volcano on a night without clouds – too damn cool.

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