one solution to colony collapse disorder

jim altucher proposes a solution to the disappearance of bees: make some money. he favors buying up corn and soybean companies (crops that don’t require pollination) and artificial flavoring companies that will become more popular should tasty natural fruit flavors become more scarce.

there is a lot of bee buzzing pollination activity going on right now in the flowers and trees around me in ojai. but we were beekeepers for a while when i was a kid, and i remember losing all of our colonies in a short time to bee dysentery. our cars were all covered in insect diarrhea and our bees were all dead, and the haller family was out of beekeeping.

a caveat emptor in altucher’s article reflects the suspicion that some have about the brave new world of bioengineering and big agribusiness:

Monsanto uses genomics and advanced plant technology around the world to produce new, patentable — and profitable — plants. The company is based in St. Louis, but it operates worldwide, including in India. Of course, you should watch developments closely should Monsanto’s genetic engineering turn out to be the cause of the bee problem.






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