back in ojai after a while in LA

i was down in LA for a while working on a TV gameshow pilot and hanging out in venice. now i am back in ojai and will be here through the 20th of june housesitting for my mom. it is pretty quiet here, but beautiful as well. i have been playing my piano a bit and working on a couple of songs. swimming. sitting out in the bright sun meditating in the back yard, i can almost see right through my eyelids.

so far i like the pace. down in LA there was always something going on, someone coming over, headed over someplace, going out to dinner. a lot of motion.  here, i wake up, walk outside, and listen to many  many birds chirping. i drink coffee and read my RSS feeds and watch stock prices, then close the laptop and swim some laps or ride my bike downtown. whenever the lid on this computer pops open, i am generally energized and slightly manic and devouring information. i am enjoying being in an environment where closing the lid really brings some peace and tranquility.

i suppose i will take some shit for this but i am thinking of going over and checking out the krishnamurti foundation. he had a pretty interesting story, and lived here. there is also the meher baba mount. “tommy” was always one of my favorite records, and “baba o’reilly” is a good song as well, both inspired by meher baba.

i also need to start thinking about a departure date for central america.  anyone feel like spending july and beyond down there?






3 responses to “back in ojai after a while in LA”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    If you check out J. Krishnamurti you should also check out UG Krishnamurti (the anti-guru).

  2. eric Avatar

    the anti-anti-guru :)

  3. Marijana Avatar

    met your brother today, took a ride shot-gun in the sidecar and yes will be heading south of the border myself ’bout then.


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