on the road

well, sort of. since last wednesday i have been officially homeless, house and couch surfing. i was in ojai for a few days last week, then i headed down to LA on cinco de mayo and spent last week there. the city has changed some in the seven years i was gone, although it is a bit hard to tell what is different. when i left i was living in a house in the hollywood hills at the end of a long and perilous dirt road, and now i have been staying at bret and paul’s place in venice, a climatic and cultural shift.

LA seems a lot more alive and interesting than SF at the moment. this may be because i had patterns and a routine in berkeley, and now i have left them i improvise my days more. the weather here has kicked ass, leading to an impression that living in the generally overcast bay area might not be superior to flipflopping around sunny southern cali.

i hate to leave it on this note of slightly unfavorable comparison, but i have to sleep. goodnight from ojai.






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