bush’s misdirection

bush is engaging in misdirection by saying that congress is attempting to tell the generals how to do their jobs, and it is time to call him on it. i did a search of google news to find the quote i just heard over the radio, and found an op-ed summing up what i was about to write.

“I believe strongly that politicians in Washington shouldn’t be telling generals how to do their job,” Bush said of the push by Senate and House Democrats to dictate a timetable for withdrawing American forces from Iraq.

In invoking such language, Bush is either trying to dupe Americans into thinking that it is the generals who are in charge of this nation’s wars, or worse, he actually believes that they are. The first notion should be rebuffed, the second should be feared.

In our democracy, war policies are made by politicians. The tactics are left to the generals. The job of the generals is to do what this nation’s civilian authorities tell them to do.






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