i have been plagued by insomnia the last few days. not sure if it is anxiety over moving, or over taxes, or something else. i keep moving from the bed, to the couch, back to the bed, and catching an hour or two on each.

maybe it was coffee in the afternoon yesterday. i have switched to tea as my primary source of caffeine but had a double espresso yesterday. thinking about whether i should quit caffeine altogether kept me up for at least a half hour last night. ugh.

UPDATE: taxes done, feeling like i will sleep like a rock tonight.






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  1. citizen x Avatar
    citizen x

    the tide is rising
    the anxiety is the cold water
    licking the toes of comfort and complacency
    insomnia for an american
    is WAKING UP to the nightmare
    that is status quo for 9/10ths of humanity

    and yeah

    switching primary sources of caffeine ‘might’ be missing the point

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