five years.

today is a five year anniversary for me. if you know me, you can probably guess what that means.

i am sitting here, post-meditation, eating a bowl of berries and drinking green tea, and a nice spring rain is falling in berkeley. i feel *really* good.

at the risk of appearing too sappy or touchy-feely new-agey, let me just send out a thank you to everyone. i’m very psyched to be around, and whether you know it or not, you all have made my life the incredibly rich thing it is today. well, now you know it. thanks.






4 responses to “five years.”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Wow! Congratulations, Eric! It is really good and enriching for all of us to have the real you back in our lives. May your blessings continue to be as many as the rain drops that fall upon this beautiful April day.

  2. citizen x Avatar
    citizen x

    anyone who thinks that THAT is new age-y
    or touchy feely

    is a DRUNK fuck
    (pardon my ‘sensitivity’)

    love you and congrats!

    dealing with THIS last half decade
    and doing it SOBER?


  3. lou Avatar

    “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
    Leonard Cohen

    glad to have my old friend back. (But does this mean we can’t play old Tom Waits’ songs on the piano and harmonica at 330 in the morning? we could have grape juice instead…Ben would love that!)

    congrats, love, and can’t wait to hang.


  4. b Avatar

    You’re welcome.

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