a good coffee

i woke up at 6 this morning, got up and meditated. i have gone through periods where i meditate more or less regularly, but for the last couple of years i have not done much more than the occasional dilettante-sitting-in-the-sun-at-the-park-after-a-run thing. i got started in earnest when phil and i took buddhist psychology at cal. i don’t think i took it seriously enough though, as there were major distractions to quietude in those days, like keggers. joi has posted about meditation recently, and with all the distractions and some amount of stress involved with moving i thought i should work it back into my routine.

i went out for a run afterwards and it was cold and refreshing.  i took a shower and walked over to the market to get some berries for breakfast, but they were still in the process of opening so i went across the street to cafe roma, got a cappuccino and sat in the first rays of sun. they have a picnic table on the lower dirt floored area, and some rose bushes. it was about as perfect a cup of coffee as i have had recently, in a solid white cup sitting on a solid saucer.

a couple of days ago i was thinking about the things that i will regret about leaving. that has changed, and now i am just really appreciative of all my friends here and everything i have done in the bay area this time around. last night i went to an amazing amiina show at the swedish american hall with jane and lulu. their music has a cinematic score feel to it, and often when i closed my eyes i would see little recap movies of my life here. i got a little misty and sentimental a couple of times. it felt good.

i wrote in another forum last night that

part of my plan is to have as few plans as possible, so who knows? there is every possibility that i may spend a month in some mosquito infested backwater in central america and immediately return in disgust to the opulent decadence of ultrahighspeed connectivity in the bay area.

so i am not going to get too nostalgic just yet.






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