what the hell am i thinking

this is going to be the week that i give 30 day notice on my apartment and it has me a little stressed out. there is a finality to moving once i call the property manager, and i am slightly nervous.  i keep wondering whether this plan of mine, to put everything in a duffel bag and go cruise around central america, is maybe not a little crazy.

i’m not sure what i am looking for, or whether i am searching for anything at all. i have a feeling though, that it isn’t in the bay area right now.  approaching midnight here, so i think i  will forego diving into the reasoning behind my decision until a later (as in earlier in the day) time.

oh, i just realized that i have been talking about this offline primarily, and this is the first mention i am making  of it here. so yeah. i am pulling up anchor and sailing out of the bay. or, to be more accurate, i am throwing out most of my shit, putting the rest of it into a truck, and heading down I-5 for southernmore parts. i have lived in the bay area half of my adult life. this time around, i have been here seven years, so maybe this is my seven year itch.






4 responses to “what the hell am i thinking”

  1. Don Park Avatar

    I suspect what you are searching for is your better self. You can’t do that without getting lost first. The secret to getting lost is to move fast with little thinking. ;-p

  2. halle Avatar

    You didn’t heave the Aeropress did you?! 😉

  3. eric Avatar

    no i still have the aeropress, although i have been drinking tea primarily for the last 3 weeks 😉

  4. gimaha Avatar

    something tells me that my garage runneth over on this move…….remember what Brautigan once advised us about taking a vacation……or for that matter, moving to another country………..”It’s a great idea until you realize that you have taken yourself with you!”

    How is the packing going?

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