faux streaming realtime quotes

a number of finance sites now have updating prices that appear on their pages. it’s a nice application of technology, and it looks really cool to see numbers within a story flash green or red and change. but all the prices are delayed, usually 15 min for NASDAQ and 20 min for other exchanges. in my mind, that turns a great application of technology into a really poor one. what is the point of having the numbers “update” as if they are realtime? the answer is that there IS no point, and in fact it is misleading to someone who does not know they are reading yesterday’s newspaper. of course, they can always scroll down to the fine print at the bottom of the page.







3 responses to “faux streaming realtime quotes”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    I think Julius brought suit against some company for doing this. He thought that it smacked of deception.

  2. Bob Avatar

    Agreed, however it is the best that we have at the moment. Unless you are day trading then real live quotes are not so important, but we are uranium bugs so we are in for the longer term…..

  3. Dan Avatar

    But it’s not the best we have. Realtime quoting is both easily accessible for the same price (read: free) and fully available to any lazy sack willign to go through the effort. The fact that brokers are still tryign tp ush the delays on their automated systems is like them desperately hanging on to the last foothold of unchallenged margin they have left.


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