i forget where i ran into this article about modern adulthood, but i just finished reading it and the author has some interesting observations. like any social commentary, much of it has been said or spotted before, but it’s a good read regardless.

recently i have been throwing out a bunch of crap. it is kind of weird to go through the closet and think…hmmm yeah i have had that since high school and now it is fully cool again. then you start wondering whether you should hang onto the other shit that is *not* cool yet again. i think i am going to err on the side of a sparse closet.






3 responses to “grups”

  1. halle Avatar

    Don’t pitch your Topsiders and Madras shorts just yet. :p

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Any opinion on boots, yet?

  3. citizenx Avatar

    “BONK…BONK..on the head..bad kid!!”

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