5 things you may not know about me

thor has tagged me with the latest meme i have been watching ripple across my rss feeds. jonas points out that the meme allegedly has a somewhat ignoble origin, but we will not let that stand in the way of fun.

1. i cannot see out of both eyes simultaneously, i.e. i have no depth perception. this condition stems from being born with strabismus, in combination with an abnormally rapidly developing brain. by the time they performed the first corrective surgery on my eyes at 13 months, the condition had already been “learned”. my dad took a somewhat “sink or swim” approach to my vision, covered in item number 2. (nothing like learning to perceive distance at 20 mph).

2. my dad welded together my first motorcycle, built around a two-stroke chainsaw motor, when i was two years old. i have always had some sort of motorcycle, and rode a 1965 BMW with a russian sidecar when i was in high school. now i just have a vespa that i need to get running again.

3. i lived in a lot of different places when i was growing up. toronto, philadelphia, montana, louisiana, stockton, san francisco, and of course LA come to mind. i went to a one-room schoolhouse in livingston montana.

4. i have been working on this list since before christmas. now i just want it done.

5. i generally do not make new year’s resolutions.

ok now to tag some others…lou, jee, halle, jane, and jondi and/or spesh.






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