not worth the paper it’s printe….oh wait

the u.s. mint has made it streng verboten to melt coins. maybe they should try minting them out of plastic or go back to the days of clay or rivermud. i’m not convinced these rules are going to deter a nation of capitalists from making some coin off of coins.

Soaring metals prices mean that the value of the metal in pennies and nickels exceeds the face value of the coins. Based on current metals prices, the value of the metal in a nickel is now 6.99 cents, while the penny’s metal is worth 1.12 cents, according to the U.S. Mint.

“The nation needs its coinage for commerce,” U.S. Mint director Ed Moy said in a statement. “We don’t want to see our pennies and nickels melted down so a few individuals can take advantage of the American taxpayer. Replacing these coins would be an enormous cost to taxpayers.”

There have been no specific reports of people melting coins for the metal, Mint spokeswoman Becky Bailey says. But the agency has received a number of questions in recent months from the public about the legality of melting the coins, and officials have heard some anecdotal reports of companies considering selling the metal from pennies and nickels, she says.

Under the new rules, it is illegal to melt pennies and nickels. It is also illegal to export the coins for melting. Travelers may legally carry up to $5 in 1- and 5-cent coins out of the USA or ship $100 of the coins abroad “for legitimate coinage and numismatic purposes.”

Violators could spend up to five years in prison and pay as much as $10,000 in fines. Plus, the government will confiscate any coins or metal used in melting schemes.






2 responses to “not worth the paper it’s printe….oh wait”

  1. Jason Avatar

    So I can’t take six bucks of pennies out of the country. That’s awesome. And by awesome, I mean “fucked” but I’m appreciating the absurdity of it, for absurdity’s sake.

  2. Steve Roach Avatar

    A part of me thinks that this new regulation is a solution for a problem that never was…

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