is dot mac really this bad?

after reinstalling the system, it turns out that the problem was that Online Certificate Status Protocol was turned on in the keychain preferences. i don’t remember turning that on, but i guess it just stopped working and caused anything requiring a certificate to hang. apologies to apple.

safari, mail, and ichat stopped working properly for me a couple days ago. there is something completely hosed with the .mac connection, my idisk won’t connect, it interrupts all my mail service (i am assuming this is the issue, but my mail client is timing out and in general behaving really poorly).

my security certificates aren’t trusted in safari, so that shuts it down….. i have had this issue before, and there was another issue with getting AIM to work on my phone using my address, where it stopped working completely and after several weeks of troubleshooting i just gave up.

i am venting here. something tells me that has become a complete piece of shit, and trying to deal with fixing it (from my end) is the worst headache i have dealt with in a long while. there is no phone support, and the forums are a nightmare. if anyone has evidence to the contrary, i would like to hear about it. i use the address for encryption on email and on ichat as well, and i am guessing that has something to do with it.

i am very close to telling .mac to go fuck itself. i don’t usually get this frustrated. sorry this was rather incoherent, but is anyone else experiencing funky issues related to and the keychain?

UPDATE: ok maybe my tone was a little strident here. i just reinstalled my system while i was out at an awesome holiday party, and i am feeling a lot happier and more relaxed having spent several hours away from the source of my recent irritation. i’m hoping the reinstall solved the problem. i am nearly 100% sure that the problem was in keychain. the computer just started rejecting a bunch of certificate authorities.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    I never thought that I would be saying this, but clearly you need to go to more parties.

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