al qaeda financial attack?

this morning, like every morning, i logged into my online brokerage account. their server was down, and my portfolio and watchlists were unavailable. this was a little disconcerting because i already knew that it was a down day for the dow. i am still largely in cash, which has been a little demoralizing during the recent runup, and somewhat alarming in the last couple of weeks with the dollar dropping precipitously. it was still an uncomfortable feeling not being able to access my account.

so in the news tonight are al qaeda threats against online stock trading and banking sites. bill cara was talking about the possibility of a bear raid yesterday, and how the trigger for a market crash often comes out of nowhere.

this all falls under the category of remote possibilities. i won’t lose sleep over it. i am however, watching the dollar continue to fall in realtime. if i start doing the math, watching that chart, i AM going to start losing sleep, or at least buying gold in the morning. i wish i could say that i shorted the buck in the last downdraft, but i didn’t.






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