the internets is like one big rose parade

it seems like every year, or maybe every quarter, i start thinking about moving from the bay area. my thoughts about leaving here increase proportionally to the amount of chill i am feeling in my bones. right now it is awfully cold, and although i have sweats and sweatshirt on and the heater cranked, places like palacios texas are looking pretty damn good (at least on a web page). especially when you can find cute-looking houses there that are stupid cheap (for that price you couldn’t buy a mobile home next to a waste treatment plant in the bay area). further investigation will inform you that it was 81º there today, that it is the shrimp capital of texas, and there are more species of birds there than in any place in the state.

when i was young we used to watch the rose parade on TV every january first. (my mom was born and raised in pasadena, so we sort of *had* to). someone would always remark that every year large numbers of people in snowbound states, seeing the baton twirlers in short skirts prancing by the norton simon museum in the warm sun, made the decision to move to california. when it gets cold and dreary here, i start surfing sites like trulia and thinking of moving. the interwebs lets you see that its nice and warm and sunny someplace else, the same way that the rose parade telecast reminds people in buffalo new york that on january one, there is a much more pleasant place to be.






4 responses to “the internets is like one big rose parade”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Come on down, we’ll build a fire in the fireplace and make soup. Texas is Not the Place!

  2. jane Avatar

    visit first, then see if you like it…

  3. gimaha Avatar

    High tomorrow is 60 degrees-Low 45 degrees

  4. gimaha Avatar

    And you would be right near that Nuclear Power Plant Lake. Good place to work on a glow in the dark tan!

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