let the hearings begin?

so now what? should democrats start holding hearings now that they can? should all of the blatant abuses of the current administration be brought into the disinfecting sunlight, or should the newly rebalanced legislative branch focus on forging a new direction?

i have been thinking about this question for a while now, and a post by robert reich a couple of weeks ago helped crystallize my thought. although i voted yes on measure H, (the city of berkeley petitioning the US house of representatives to initiate impeachment proceedings), i think of it more as a symbolic gesture.

there is a part of me that would like to see these people sweat, even if the sweating is motivated by cynical partisan politics. there is another larger part of me that agrees with reich. it is time to come up with solutions and a new direction. the bush administration, whether through incompetence or malicious intent, has greatly weakened this country. i say let these lame ducks bide their time and focus on repairing the damage they have done. the vote demonstrates this country has had enough of karl rove and geo bush and dick cheney and their lies and bullshit. although it wouldn’t take much effort to draw and quarter these guys, maybe it is best not to step onto their playing field of negativity.

just get us out of the mess they have made.






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