a good sunday

liz came over and we worked on some of the recordings we have been tracking. things really gelled well on a couple of them today, we are at the end of the process, adding things really carefully for flavor. it’s amazing how much of a difference little tweaks here and there can make to songs. harmonies and backup vocals are so unbelievably powerful when it comes to making a great lead vocal line shine.

here’s a little taste. the song is called “sunday” (mp3) , written by liz ross, with pat spurgeon on drums, liz playing guitar and singing, and me on guitar, bass and keys.

(this is a rough mix….)







3 responses to “a good sunday”

  1. Liz Avatar

    I think it sounds awesome! Thanks for everything! xoxox

  2. Jondi Avatar

    excellent … great tune, great production

  3. michael Avatar

    dig the tune!

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