tell cheney to get a warrant

dick cheney is co-sponsoring a couple of bills to make the illegal wiretapping program legal. look dick, if you want to spy domestically, you need to get a warrant. that is the law of the land, a founding principle of the nation, and you should respect it. the white house violated the law, got caught, had a federal judge rule that they broke the law, and now is attempting to change the law to make warrantless wiretapping legal and greatly expand their power to spy domestically (think, for example, your email and web habits). they have not given any evidence of a need to reorganize FISA yet again. the cheney-specter bill should be resisted by any patriot who upholds the constitution and the separation of executive, legislative, and judicial powers.

you can tell your representative to send cheney and the white house a message by defeating the bid to further dismantle the constitution.






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