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i took the train into san francisco late this afternoon and all i heard around me was jon benet this and jon benet that. it was fairly surreal in a region of the country that fancies itself more intelligent and politically aware than most. a story that has ZERO value as a news item (albeit a tragedy for the parents NINE years ago) completely dominated the chatter in public places, on a day that a federal judge ruled that the sitting president has, and continues to violate the constitution.






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  1. […] last week i observed that everyone was talking about jon benet ramsey on the same day a federal judge ruled the white house has been violating the constitution.  i just got an email from true majority, and it seems like other people are feeling the same way.  they have started a petition to tell the anchors at ABC, NBC, and CBS that people are fed up with reportage of mass distraction.  check it out, sign it, and maybe it will make a difference. democracy fails if voters are uninformed. […]

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