pump and dump

some idiot is wailing my inbox about 30 times a day with stock spam, the latest for GDKI.PK. here it is over on spamnation. the information available is sketchy, and the yahoo finance chart isn’t printing properly, but the intense pump and dump action needs a bad porn music soundtrack. according to the FAQ over at spamnation, this kind of a scam is usually perpetrated by some third party and not the company itself.

the pressure to rack up the big returns at those hedge funds must be intense these days! thanks, whoever you are, for giving me a list of stocks to steer clear of. here’s someone who created a tracking portfolio out of stock spam he received.

if you are getting hit by stock spam, you can forward them to the SEC.








2 responses to “pump and dump”

  1. Halle Avatar

    Spam Stock Tracker?! Bloody Brilliant. Lots and lots of craters there.

  2. Michael Avatar

    Oh man, these guys are flooding me with those messages. I need to figiure out how to get Thunderbird to recognize them as spam automatically.

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