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i’ve been reading fred wilson’s blog for a while, and just read his post encouraging people to add a category for stocks, and hooked it up here. i like his idea of aggregating these stock related posts somewhere, although being a heavy consumer of stock related feeds i think it would be challenging to make sense of all that’s out there. reading a lot of posts about breakouts on 5 times average volume or eliot wave patterns aligning with jupiter (ok i’m being facetious) is not going to be that useful if you are ben graham disciple. or possibly it will. i have learned a huge amount about different approaches to trading and investing reading the hundred or so stock-related feeds i follow daily.

i have been messing around with stocktickr lately as well. i’m seacaptain on there. i just threw some random stocks in there when i first signed up and haven’t edited my portfolio there, so don’t wail me about my performance. it’s a bit more of a TA and momentum crowd, but the germ of an idea is there for using social and trusted network tools for stock selection and personal finance. i have a pretty good idea of the app i would like to build, or would like to see built so that i could use it. but i think i’m going to keep that one in stealth mode for now.







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  1. Dave Avatar

    Aye, aye, seacaptian. I’d love to hear any suggestions you have about StockTickr.

    Thanks for the comments!

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