bargain hunting

i picked up some yahoo yesterday and some dell today. i added a new yahoo finance badge in the sidebar, if you scroll down a ways, that shows most of the stocks i own. i am not quite at the point where i put it all up there, the number of shares, the performance, etc., although that is where i am headed. as a caveat, i am over 80% in cash right now, and believe there is likely more pain yet to come in the market. it is a bear market until proved otherwise at this point. taking small positions in mega-companies that have just gotten over-hammered seems less risky than other strategies at this point. besides, i really like this dell monitor i have and although yahoo pisses me off occasionally (think sbc/yahoo and their recent privacy policy changes) i use their services every day. no groundbreaking strategy here. these are pretty pedestrian trades, just picking up some poor slapped-up tech stocks to keep another recent acquisition, sandisk, company. the slaps continue to come for SNDK today, hopefully their guidance on monday will turn things around.

i started dabbling in t-bills a couple weeks ago. i haven’t bought treasuries before (i might be wrong about that, i am remembering some kind of bank product i had as a teenager), but they have made it painless with treasury direct. i set up the account in january but left it alone until now. bond prices have moved steadily up since i ordered on the 7th. (you place an order and it gets filled at the next auction). i don’t anticipate buying many treasuries, it is more like an experiment, and i really don’t see myself trading in and out of bond positions.

i guess in a way i really do get a rush from consumerism, it’s just that i get way more of a rush out of buying things i believe are going to appreciate in value. with exceptions made for computers, consumer electronics, and boats of course.







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