my brother the car racer

bret and kevin ward are going to be driving from new york to los angeles in the bull run this coming week, in a fully blown out 650 HP, 200+ MPH studebaker (built by my dad’s friend john ward, a legend). he is going to post, and i will be posting updates as he calls in from the highway. the car is insanely loud, i am wondering how they will even get the thing out of manhattan without getting pulled over, or, as our friend david hamburger said this morning, “blowing out the glass on the eighth floor of some downtown building”.







2 responses to “my brother the car racer”

  1. Michael Avatar

    Does she have AC? It’s gonna be a hot ride in a hotrod. Sweet jeebus.

  2. Marilyn Avatar

    I’ll be watching the Flying Stove’s progress across the hot states and wishing them well with no AC.

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