going offline is the future

and in my case, it is the immediate future. i’m headed off to campcamp for the weekend. a bunch of geeks at lake tahoe, and internet-enabled devices are against the rules. should be a lot of fun.

i was just reading arianna huffington reporting from the aspen idea festival:

In the roundtable discussion on “Consuming the New Media” that I took part in, Peter Beinart predicted that, in the future, the greatest luxury will be being disconnected from all the new technologies, freed to think new thoughts and come up with new ideas. So perhaps the most important idea to come out of this Ideas Festival, where everybody was walking around in-between sessions talking on cell phones or tapping away on BlackBerrys (or listening to iPods on hikes), was the thought that future bliss will be dependent on figuring out how to put the bloody things down.

i’m still taking my cameras….






2 responses to “going offline is the future”

  1. Michael Avatar

    cameras plural. NICE. have a blast up at the lake d00d.

  2. George Avatar

    I had so much fun, man.

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