ford going in the tank because of homosexuals

i have had ford motor co. on a watchlist for a while, thinking they are due for a turnaround. i was surprised to find out today that it’s really the gays who are keeping the stock in the dog house. in fact, if the article is to be believed, ford may soon be in bankruptcy if it doesn’t stop “pacifying the homosexuals”. dr. wildmon admits the economy may have something to do with it as well.

“It’s regrettable,” Wildmon says, “but it appears that chairman Ford is willing to take the corporation into bankruptcy to pacify a handful of homosexual leaders.” Of course, the pro-family activist acknowledges that other factors are probably having an impact on Ford’s declining sales figures, including a difficult economic climate and high gas prices.

“Is the boycott responsible for all of this? No,” Wildmon admits. “The economy does play a role.”

Still, he insists, the effect of the pro-family consumers’ boycott of the automaker cannot be discounted.

“We have over a half a million, over 500,000 families who have signed the boycott pledge,” Wildmon points out. “These concerned citizens will continue boycotting all Ford products until the automaker stops supporting the homosexual agenda,” he says.






2 responses to “ford going in the tank because of homosexuals”

  1. Jackson West Avatar

    Funny, that kind of statement makes me -want- to buy a ford. It’s not like those rednecks stop drinking Budweiser, who’ve been SF Pride’s sponsor for ages.

  2. gimaha Avatar

    Agape Press indeed! Time to buy some Ford stock!

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