ninja capital of the world?

while reading about windfall mining taxes passed last month in mongolia, i came across an interesting statistic in an interview with member of parliament s. oyun (emphasis is, umm,

LD: There was also talk of legislation concerning ninja mining. In today’s Onoodor newspaper there was an article about a fight between Altan Dornod Mongol Ltd and a large group of ninja miners.

SO: This should be a number one priority issue. I understand that from some informal studies there are at least 100,000 people living solely off of ninja mining, depending on the season as well. If you take the adult population of Mongolia which is 1.5 million, 100,000 is a large percentage of course.

i’m not sure, but with an estimated 6.67% of the population of mongolia living SOLELY off of ninja mining, i would guess that mongolia is the NINJA LEWTING capital of the world. no, but FOR REALZ.  yesterday 2,000 ninja miners attacked.






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