spare the air day

phil just sent me an email reminding me tomorrow is spare the air day in the bay area. today is a pretty smoggy day, the worst yet so far this year. it’s weird, i can feel my eyes stinging a little and a slight congestion if i take a deep breath. i must be getting more sensitive to pollution. i remember the air in LA when i was growing up, my lungs often hurt when i was out running around, although as a kid i had only a limited understanding that it was related to smog.
i am looking at the bay right now from my desk, and there is a pretty thick inversion layer out across the water. it looks pretty rude. do your part tomorrow if you live here, and get on your bike, walk,  or public transpo and leave the SUV in the garage.






3 responses to “spare the air day”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    Maybe the brush fires have something to do with the air quality? We had a huge red sun last night.

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    Jamel Giblin

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