the cars

i wanted to hear a specific cars song tonight. i spent the last couple of days tracking some songs with liz, and a synth tone i was using reminded me of an old cars tune. itunes is an amazing resource when i am recording or writing, because when i hear the echo of an influence in something i am working on i like to listen to the source and make sure i am not borrowing, but STEALING. (i think it was keith richards who said good artists borrow, great ones steal).

i downloaded a couple more songs than i needed. bye bye love. i learned that song in my first rock band. i was in eighth grade, played the fender rhodes and polymoog standing up, and wore a silk kimono with a big gold dragon on it and no shirt underneath. i never overcame my “image problem” because years later it was a common comment from a&r dudes, music lawyers, and label prezzes. but i digress…

the cars were one of the most genius bands of all time. their shit was so fucking tight. don’t be surprised if you start hearing that influence in future songs, because i am in love with them again. them and polly jean harvey.






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