i picked up some gingko biloba today and popped the first tablet. hopefully it will help me to not be an idiot, and improve the circulation in my fingers as well. another note on health while i am at it: last weekend i was horribly lethargic and depressed. it was freaking me out a bit until i realized that i had been smoking at least one cigarette a day, and at least one cup of coffee every day, for about a month. i quit smoking when i was in my mid-twenties, but i occasionally will sneak one when i am hanging out with smokers. in LA, i was almost always around smokers, and when i returned to berkeley a fresh pack of marlboros was left behind opportunely on the desk. i had also quit drinking coffee and was feeling a lot better for it. by “quit” i mean that i do not want to drink coffee every day as a habit. i still will enjoy a cup now and again.

last weekend, stretched out on the couch with a book and wondering how in the fuck the long lost spectre of impending doom and despair had snuck back into my life, i suddenly felt a calm relief when i realized that there was a chemical withdrawal going on, and it would soon pass.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    Be careful! Ginko will make you remember things that you tried to forget.‚ô•

  2. b Avatar

    You should eat the Ginko fruit that drops on the sidewalk in front of our place. Its a lot cheaper than buying it, and it is a purely tastful explosion of delight for your senses.

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