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i spent the last couple of days out in lafayette getting certified as an operator / technician on sea tel’s marine stabilized VSAT antenna. the tech for these dishes is super cool, and i am going to look at the parent company as an investment, or maybe telenor, the main service provider. with one or even a few of these dishes (up to 1024 kbps down 256 kbps up per dish), you can be extremely well connected from virtually anywhere. they will keep a lock on satellite even in really heavy seas, keeping your broadband connection, VoIP and satellite TV feeds alive almost anywhere in the world. the airtime is pretty expensive now, but i have to imagine that will change. telecommuting will take on an entirely new dimension in the next twenty years. screw wifi. this is the real go-anywhere do-anything tech. (bgan terminals are pretty rad too).
marine stabilized satellite transceiver






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  1. Halle Avatar

    Looks cool. You getting another boat to put one of those to use?

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