warantless domestic tracking

if you were a gambler, how much would you be willing to wager that the detailed “phone records” database being compiled by the bush administration does not include geotracking of cell phones?

Telecom companies and government are not eager to advertise that tracking capability. Nor will companies admit whether they are archiving the breadcrumb trail of pings from a cell phone so that they–or authorities–can trace back, after the fact, where the customer had been at a particular time. “Of course, there is that capability,” says Bruce Schneier, chief technical officer with Counterpane Internet Security. “Verizon and the other companies have access to that information and the odds are zero that they wouldn’t sell it if it is legal and profitable. This is capitalism after all.”

well, how about if the NSA showed up and said “give us those records. it is legal, because we are the government and we say so”. we already know that at&t, verizon, and bell south have readily shared call lists for tens millions of americans (and the eff is launching a class action lawsuit against at&t). i have not seen any reports that this information is being shared. but if i were pressed into a bet, i know where my money would be.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    I think that they have used this pinpointing technology in criminal cases where they have been able to establish just where and when a cell phone call had been placed. That is why the seemingly coodinated theft of a number of non-tracebable cell phones in cities throughout California on the same day seemed to be cause to raise the red flag…….That particular news item fell into a rabbit hole between the 5 and 6 o’clock news broadcasts………never to resurface. So the question is: Was it our guys or their guys who did it?

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