i went down to LA earlier this week and bought a used vw beetle from my dad’s best friend chuck. then i tooled up PCH for an inaugural road trip to ojai. my mom is in minnesota and i am taking care of her place and reading a bunch of books. i have also been strumming the guitar a bit. right now i am re-reading the chapters  in daniel yergin’s “the prize” that cover the arab-israeli war and aftermath, the first unsheathing of the oil weapon. what i am most interested in is when the floor dropped out of the price of oil in the 1980’s.

today i got a slight sunburn. the pool was looking a little rocked, so i grabbed the leaf gobbler and vacuumed it, then brushed it, then skimmed it. i backwashed the filter three times to get enough suction pressure to the poolsweep. the whole time i was out there skimming and brushing and cruising around the pool, i was thinking back on all the years where that was my weekly chore. i also thought back on all the pool cleaners i have known. man, if there ever was a job that was perfectly suited for a stoner surfer in a vw van, it would have to be the pool guy.






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