to protect the innocence

to protect the innocence is the provisional title for a work in progress (mp3). i watched fellini’s 8 1/2 a couple weeks ago, and there is a great scene where guido’s (marcello mastroianni) stunningly beautiful wife luisa (anouk aimie) calls him on his shit for writing about their relationship and putting it up on the screen and playing it off like he’s just being creative. then i was thinking about people i have known who do the same thing (they are called….writers). one of our friends sold a treatment for a TV sitcom based on my brother and me, and another friend would open his notebook when he came over, ready to write down any pearls of anti-wisdom that might pop up in conversation. and of course i have been writing songs for a long time.
this is making a short story long, but in any case i was thinking about the whole dance that you go through when you are writing a book or a script or a song. you can’t help but place people who are close to you in the picture, but if you paint them in an unflattering light, reveal their secrets, or you have been dishonest with someone and try to tell them about it in a “story”…look out!! (and that’s a very incomplete list of ways to fuck up).
i keep turning my songs into existential treatises. the song file is an edit with the scratch vox mostly taken out, but do listen through to the vocoder idea i had for the chorus…..

UPDATE: i put the skratch vox back in the mix and reupped it. not sure where i’m going with this. another version had me rowing down the grand canal because i could not sit idly by. there’s a bluebird in there, and one day he’ll find his way into my songs.







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  1. gimaha Avatar

    This one made me laugh! What I use to hate was having to repeat something so that our recorder could get it right in his notes……At least he was up front with it. I remember finding napkins covered with ballpoint ink notes…I guess art just strikes like lightning in the most banal of circumstances……then, again, those were the good old days when any thought that dared to enter our smokey minds and traverse our synapes was considered to be brilliant……..It would be greatly appreciated, however, if you would refrain from making a buck off our family madness until I cash in my chips. Thanks!

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