weird insomnia

i am not sure what wass the exact cause, the coffee in the afternoon before lifting weights, hersh’s piece on iran, or a mild anxiety about the stock market after friday’s selloff, but i could not get to sleep until around 4:30AM, and was back up at 6:30. i took a nap this afternoon, and now i am going to throw a movie in (five easy pieces) and not think for a while before bed. i think that’s best for my health. i can cruise on six hours a night very tastefully, but 2 hours with an hourlong nap is a little bit insufficient.






2 responses to “weird insomnia”

  1. gimaha Avatar

    I was only able to get through about half of this article tonight……….Good Grief! Where do they find these people?
    “This is not like planning to invade Quebec” -Patrick Clawson
    Like there’s a thought………Was it ever on the table?……..
    And who could be so stupid as to say it?…….Here we go again! Shock and Awe the mohamed out of em! Didn’t someone try this right before the beginning of the Dark Ages?………Old Toynbee would be proud to see that we really don’t learn a damn thing from history…….so there we are….caught on the wheel of time……You’ve got the right idea, Eric, old movies!

  2. Michael Avatar

    I have the same problem when I have coffee anytime after about 11 AM. I think the problem has gotten worse since I’ve turned forty. On the positive side, I need less sleep than I once did…

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