more evil-doers added to list

senators schumer and graham went to china a few days ago to put some pressure on china to allow the yuan to appreciate. the two of these grandstanding chuckleheads were going to introduce a bill tomorrow that would impose a 27.5% tariff on all imported chinese goods.
i wonder what was said over there, because when they got back, schumer and graham postponed the bill until september. maybe it was along the lines of “ok well we’ll just stop buying treasuries. will that help you?” that would certainly eliminate some of the disparity between the dollar and the yuan, and push up inflation and interest rates as well.
xenophobia and racism are on a steep rise again, with the immigration bill, the dubai ports deal, and the constant rhetoric about china’s currency manipulation being at the heart of our nation’s economic woes. some of the man on the street interviews that i heard on NPR this afternoon were alarming, people saying that immigrants were bringing disease and violence and a whole slew of other societal problems into the united states and they needed to be “dealt with and sent home”.

this country is in a precarious state of health, and it appears it will get worse before it gets better. a lot of scapegoats are being identified to distract john q. public’s attention from the real culprits: the people we have elected to represent us. well, them and all the people who buy their votes.






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  1. Jondi Avatar

    You have to keep intolerance in perspective though. While every country is going to have knuckleheads mouthing off with comments ranging from intolerant to bigoted, consider Iran which has a head of state openly advocating the destruction of Israel.

    The US is not going to implement a policy that “sends home” legal immigrants, and enforcement of illegal immigration will probably remain pretty lax (which it has to, for the California economy to survive anyway). I guess my point is that the reason that xenophobic comments stick out so much is that we, as a nation, have high standards for tolerance, much higher than many other nations, where open bigotry is accepted. While there are strong xenophobic forces on the rise, there are equally strong voices on the rise for gay rights, immigrant worker rights, etc.

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