united states has infiltrated al qaeda?

there is some crazy talk coming out of iran now. the interior minister, and former head of secret police and intelligence, says that the US has infiltrated al qaeda and is instructing it to carry out attacks that will further its interests.

“We have specific intelligence that America has infiltrated al-Qaeda with certain individuals and has even given [its cells] the orders for terrorist strikes in order to strengthen their position”, Pour-Mohammadi told a meeting of local officials in the southern city of Kerman.

He also blamed “foreigners” for being behind a spate of bombings in the south-western Iranian oil-city of Ahwaz in order to destabilise the country.

“The amount of explosives that security forces discovered in Khuzistan shows that there was an extensive plan to deal a blow to the Islamic Republic, and the details will soon be divulged”, he said.

i suppose i would find this easier to summarily dismiss if it were not for the fact that practically every time something blows up in the middle east (or practically anywhere else), the share prices of my petroleum stocks bump up accordingly. owning some oil is allowing me to understand a bit more viscerally what foreign policy looks like in the mind of an oilman. that being said, i still think this is crazy talk. i expect there will be more and more of this sort of psyops coming out of both the iranians and the west in the months ahead. i would be interested in seeing the “specific intelligence” he is citing.






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  1. citizen x Avatar
    citizen x

    the junta orchestrates terrorist attacks against UNITED STATES citizens and interests..in fact many PREVIOUS administrations have as well…
    the notion that it WOULDNT happen in Iran is ABSURD

  2. citizen x Avatar
    citizen x

    sorry did i mention that Al-Qaeda was INVENTED
    by US intelligence services….lol..this is humour!!!

  3. Tillerman Avatar

    Most of the western intelligence agencies got the story about WMD in Iraq wrong. So why would you expect Iran’s intelligence service to be any better?

  4. Ru Avatar

    ia gree with the other responders. it is so not surprising. this will be spun into ” that’s ridiculous” but people probably think the same thing about:


    and that is real…funni

  5. Ru Avatar

    watch syriana

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