foreign exchange

today i got my currency trading account funded and operational. then i sat here and watched the way the USD/JPY behaved as the japanese consumer price index numbers were released at 3:30 PM my time. this was a pretty big event, because the inflation numbers indicate that the bank of japan will likely now reverse its accommodative monetary policy and begin the process of tightening. this may have serious implications for the global economy as the yen carry trade starts to unwind.

i want to be in a position to protect myself from the weakening dollar in the coming months (besides putting everything in gold). so i set up this account and now i am staring at the screen, more than a little intimidated. i am a complete fuckin noob at this game, and though i have confidence in myself, i have up until this point in my investing activities never used leverage. and now i am sitting two clicks away from a huge 100:1 lever. the unknown is a little scary.

foreign exchange trading is open for business 24 hours a day as the sun circles the globe. i am glad i quit drinking four years ago, or i think i would be more nervous. this is not a late night toy for people who have “had a couple”.







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