mubarak to cheney: listen

i wonder if dick cheney is listening.

Mubarak, speaking on his way back from the Gulf on Monday, said he discussed the consequences of a U.S. attack on Iran with U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, who visited Egypt in January.

“I said to him word for word: ‘Listen to my advice for once.’,” Mubarak said, speaking the phrase in English. The remark was published in the state-owned daily al-Gomhuria.

as an aside, i was nearly shot about 6 years ago for taking some video of a vespa just outside the gates of mubarak’s presidential residence in cairo. if you plan to go to egypt, keep your lens cap tightly on near that place. being surrounded by 20 or so egyptians with ak-47s shouting at you in arabic is not that pleasant. i did not cave in and give up the camera though, even in the face of all that hardware.






4 responses to “mubarak to cheney: listen”

  1. souris Avatar

    eric, please post the pictures/video you took.

  2. halle Avatar

    yeah. posting that would be very interesing! btw, dig the new header graphic of the painting in your office.

  3. eric Avatar

    hmmm, i would need to find all that stuff first, i think it is down at my mom’s in ojai.

  4. gimaha Avatar

    You were actually taking pictures of the Vespa when this happened. I remember that you played the pictures back to the guards, and that they had some problem with the fact that you only had pictures of the Vespa and not of the royal residence. This just didn’t compute with them…….and in that part of the world, they deal with confusion by yelling, swinging guns around, and calling in for reinforcements! I think that you stopped filming when the machine guns came out and the guy grabbed the camera. N.B. that Egypt Adventure Tours has placed a gooooooooogle ad here!!!!!!

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