have i mentioned what a chore it is to write lyrics?

i like this new song that i have been working on (mp3) but i can’t seem to settle on the lyrics. i think i just have to keep working at it until it feels right, but in the meantime that means a lot of time spent with the microphone on, the track rolling, and me sitting in a chair with my eyes closed thinking with a pen in my hand.

i thought at first that it would be about volatility of imagination. i was running a couple days ago and the smell of wet sidewalk and chimney smoke was sending my mind out on four or five concurrent trains of imagination and remembrance. i had been reading and thinking about technical analysis of stocks all afternoon, and was drawing a paralell to how, when a range-bound stock finally breaks in one direction or the other, you hop on for the ride. i wrote this line:

lately my mood has made tight little moves
in a narrow range of emotions

i’m still working on it.







One response to “have i mentioned what a chore it is to write lyrics?”

  1. Ru Avatar

    good one.
    almost makes me want to trac it

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