weird to revisit a band and think “oh yeah. this is what everyone is ripping off today”. and then have a flashback to twenty years ago and the hot goth girls that played “bela lugosi’s dead” for me for the first time. fuck i’m not even sure it was called goth then, just a lot of heavy eye makeup, black clothes, and late nights spent smoking dunhill reds and kreteks in coffee shops at 3 AM in oakland.

oh yeah, and getting treated at cowell for a minor eye infection from sharing eyeliner pencil with aforementioned goth chicks…






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  1. Ru Avatar

    Eyeliner!? Uh (big lie coming) what right minded guy in the 80’s, who was hangin in the freak scene, would put on eyeliner? Not me, mister

    Ok, i actually got an eye infection the same way!
    How could you say no those-kere’s the elusive term- Death Rock babes. yeah, the old stuff takes ya back, eh. I can smell the aqua net extra super hold.

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