iraq war empowered iran

interesting article in the los angeles times about how the iraq war has strengthened iran’s position in the region. they certainly are sassing the US, with the foreign minister advising condoleeza rice today to spend the $75M in new psyops money she is asking from congress to finance a “study on why so much hatred towards America has been generated in the world in recent years”, adding that Iran would in such a case be willing to give its assistance.

it is without question an ugly situation in the persian gulf these days. any attack in the area will greatly enflame the middle east, and yet the swords continue to be rattled. as citizen x points out, when rumsfeld, cheney, bush, rice, et. al. say all options are being considered, the use of tactical nuclear weapons like the B61-11 bunker buster is one of the weapons on their table. THIS JUST IN: a fatwa released today by iranian clerics has reversed their position that nuclear weapons are forbidden by sharia. in other words, nukes are now on the table there as well.






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