the myspace aesthetic

i have gotten a couple of messages from friends over on myspace in the last week. i hadn’t been there in a while, and i noticed that the profile picture i had up there, me sitting contemplatively at the tiller of my old boat, was nowhere near the right “vaguely spooky white trash” aesthetic they have going on over there now. so i snapped this shot. phil says that i need a gun and a mohawk to really put it over the top. probably some tatts too.

UPDATE: this post was the subject of motherly distress, wherein she pleaded with me to take this shot down, and that i shouldn’t have a myspace profile in the first place (there has been a lot of bad press lately that has made it her way). my brother and i then proceeded to IM backchannel her into a frenzy. i said something like “well how about all those nudes that bret has posted of himself up on myspace”. MUCH hilarity ensued, whereby bret and i passed each other more and more outlandish things to type to mom. the family that IMs together…well we have laughs that’s for sure! bret just sent me a link to a NYT article today on self-portraiture, so i guess this is all topical.

myspace pic






6 responses to “the myspace aesthetic”

  1. Bret Avatar

    pull yer pants up.

  2. gimaha Avatar

    The Tom Fordishness of this photo is passe………and what are you doing on myspace? Pull yer pants up and let the teeny-boppers be.

  3. lou Avatar

    i really think you’re hot. wanna meet? bathroom stall 27. oakland airport. i’m really big and like to pitch or receive. let me know when!

  4. b Avatar

    where’s the hi-rez version? the one where you drop yer pants?

  5. gimaha Avatar

    The Mother is Not Amused!

  6. jerry Avatar

    send me more pics, I have some great ones

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