keeping tabs on developments in iran

boy howdy, it sure looks like we’re going to be supporting our troops in iran before too long. if you have an rss reader, drop the google news feed for iran in there (or you can just bookmark that link), and keep up to date. the war of words is at a fever pitch.

i like the top headline right now, condi is trying to get $75M to broadcast propoganda into iran and stir civil unrest:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice escalated the U.S. confrontation with Iran on Wednesday, saying the Bush administration planned to significantly increase funding to stimulate democracy in the pivotal Middle Eastern country.

Rice, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the White House would request $75 million in a supplemental budget request to expand broadcasting into Iran, support civic groups such as labor unions and increase U.S. visits by Iranian students.

and the iranians? mahmoud ahmadinejad, the president, seems to be the new standard bearer for nations that will not bend to the will of the united states. (also, according to this article, he’s as religiously nuts as any of the leaders in this country). almost every day, he says something that is termed “defiant” in the western press. display of that kind of hubris in this day and age can lead to an invocation of the new doctrine of preemptive intervention. not in north korea, but if you are sitting on top of 130,800,000,000 BBLS of proved oil reserves, #3 in the world, you can bet that if you so much as look askance at the oilmen over at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, they are going to start thinking about “liberating your people”.






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  1. gimaha Avatar

    Hey, you can’t trust any country that would rename a Danish pastry a “Muhammad Rose”….Must be worth at least 75mil to change things like that……Pass the Freedom Fries!

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