mad cow is not the solution

because you never know with this administration, let me just go on record with this advice: letting downer cattle into the food chain is NOT a responsible way of reducing future social security claims on the US treasury.
in other news, i have dropped the google news rss feed for “iran” into net news wire. i am holding a fair amount of oil stock (i know, this seems incongruous for someone who also belongs to an ethically responsible investment club, but as citizen x advised me, “fuck it, you buy into the petroleum industry every time you go to the pump…might as well get a dividend”). where iran goes right now, goes the price of oil.
as of a couple hours ago, the situation has escalated. as promissed, iran has responded to the referral to the UN security council by cutting off inspections and resuming uranium enrichment. rumsfeld is calling iran the world’s top sponsor of terrorism and condoleezza has thrown down the gauntlet with incredible brevity.
thinking of selling your SUV? now might be a good time.
it is believed that in ancient rome, the lead acetate used to sweeten wine drove the emperors “plumb crazy”. with all the beef eaters in washington, will we some day find that some variant of BSE drove our leaders mad? (ok now THAT’S some seriously irresponsible speculation! i had to tie it together somehow though, you know…)






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