thank you yahoo!

thank you for giving into the white house’s subpoena! considering the amount of personal information i have entrusted you with, both personal and financial, i am now extremely concerned about your privacy policy. you need to address this issue immediately, or you willl lose one customer, WITHOUT QUESTION.

oh and by the way, i don’t care if the next subpoena says that the white house wants to use the information to SAVE PUPPIES. i, for one, don’t believe much of anything that comes out of that office these days. the information was used to research child pornography, to protect children? PLEASE. anyone who believes that is naive or in denial.

UPDATE: phil makes the point in comments that MSN “works closely with law enforcement officials worldwide to assist them when requested”. that’s why i already DO NOT use MSN. but i do use yahoo, and have for years. my reaction in posting this is really out of a sense of PERSONAL VIOLATION.






3 responses to “thank you yahoo!”

  1. phil Avatar

    “MSN works closely with law enforcement officials worldwide to assist them when requested,” the company said in a statement.

  2. halle Avatar

    hand written personally delivered notes. i’m tellin’ ya….

  3. […] Yahoo and MSN give up your information without a fight, Google fights it. Who do you trust your data with more? Also how would a Web 2.0 company with a much more fragile financial state respond to legal demands from the US Goverment? “We’re going to spend millions fighting the DOJ” seems like a rough way to start a board meeting. Hat tip: Eric Haller. […]

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