this building is going to get medieval on your ass

…one second while i change out of my black trenchcoat and extinguish this clove. i rode around berkeley and took pictures again today. it’s my new favorite way to spend sunday. there is something about the light at the magic hour in berkeley this time of year. i used to get some awesome shots on the boate in winter too. click on this photo and it’ll take you to the flickr album. UPDATE: bret tweaked the white point and the greens and i put his version below. i had already printed down a couple stops and done a little “lab work”, but i like bret’s. a little more radical. now he is bugging me to follow his lead and get a nikon d70.
this building is going to get medieval on your ass

bret lab






4 responses to “this building is going to get medieval on your ass”

  1. Jondi Avatar

    i like the darker version … more gothlike.

  2. eric Avatar

    yeah i think so too 🙂

  3. Tillerman Avatar

    Yeah – the top version has a much more medieval and authentice feel to it.

  4. Truepurple Avatar

    Heh, just wondered onto this webpage looking up source of the phrase “medieval on your ass” Wanted to comment on the picture without publishing my email or name. (what does it matter?)

    Anyways I like the second pic better. You can see much more of the beautiful intricate details of the building. That said the glare of the sun right there hides a few details too and gives it a slightly bleached look.

    The only way the first one is better is if your more concerned about haunted house effect then the beauty of the building IMO.

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