why and why not

so i tracked some vox for the song i came up with last night. give it a listen.

it’s about my favorite parable by kafka and phil’s theory that the man from the country awaiting entry could have passed through the gate to the law at any time, and it was only fear that caused him to die waiting outside. i kind of gave the song a happy ending with the notion of promise being behind the mystery door. this is kafka, so you know it’s probably a never-ending russian doll behind that door. i still need to do more drum programming (i’ve been listening to some porno for pyros, and i put the stephen perkins dual snare setup in this one), but i am feeling pretty wiped from lack of sleep and staying at this in manic mode seems stressful to me right now. so….fly, be free.

it’s only fear that’s kept me out here for years in the snow and rain
stare at fleas in a tartar’s beard, a man whose meaning is never clear
i can’t see a reason why not
then why not
not now maybe later, this guard’s my personal savior
did he just say that anything’s possible? that prohibition seems kind of improbable
i can’t see a reason why not
then why not
i’ll be here til the day i die unless i find the reason why
so should i wait here or just go in
beyond this gateway the mystery door
everything here’s familiar and on the other side there is only promise
i can’t see a reason why not
then why not







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