the door of golems…oh wait no it’s ORCS

i went for a bike ride around berkeley with phil today and we came across this door on campus right near the hearst mining building. the door looked pretty ominous so we decided to stop and investigate.

the door of golems

on further investigation, it did look very ominous indeed. in fact, phil chortled that it looked like there were golems in there. i noticed that there was a paperback book that had been placed there next to the door with mysterious viscous liquid seeping from underneath.
the door of golems

on closer investigation, it turns out that it wasn’t the cave of golems, but rather an ORC stronghold!


well that was my excitement for the day in berkeley.






2 responses to “the door of golems…oh wait no it’s ORCS”

  1. b Avatar

    yeah, phil’s been “chortling” all over the house lately. its really embarassing when we have guests. i’m trying to keep G away from it. if he “chortles” in her presense, I’ll either have to kick his ass or report him to the authorities.

  2. Ru Avatar

    funny coinc

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