what i would like in 2006

i would like a new governor for the state of california and fewer bush republicans in congress. i was flipping through some blog feeds tonight getting ready to go to sleep and ran across david mamet’s favorite memory of 2005, the speech warren beatty gave to the california nurse’s association. after watching it just now, i find myself thinking, why not warren beatty for governor next year? he’s genuinely intelligent and knowledgable about politics and government, which is more than can be said for schwarzenegger. he’s an engaging public speaker.
by november of next year, i think the people of this state are going to realize that the gray davis recall was a ginormous blunder. (well it was also an extremely well-financed political smear campaign as well, so the people of the state of california can rest assured that their votes were paid for handsomely). we are going to need someone who can run against the muscles from brussels (oh sorry, that’s van damme…different he-man actor) and the well-coffered slick rightwing political machine.

yeah. why not warren beatty? the politicos on the other side have been trying to smear him in their typical fashion: calling him a “crackpot”. watch the speech and tell me if you don’t think he would make a good gubernatorial candidate.






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